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Doerchat combines essential support tools with the ability to directly interact with your own system, simplifying customer service.

All included
  • Bring your own data effortlessly

  • Your entire team, no extra cost

  • Keep unlimited chat history

  • All your brands are included

And much more
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Doerchat makes it easy to wow your customers - and keep them around

When your product get successful you will still be able to focus on the things that generate profit.


Easy access SDK

Use the SDK to bring your own system data, perfectly structured for use within Doerchat.

Screenshot of SDKScreenshot of SDK

Track important events

Custom events stream

The event stream is designed to merge your system with Doerchat. Keep close track of important events coming from your system.

screenshot of eventsscreenshot of events

Quick macros

Switch on the autopilot

Got a lot of steps your spend time on? Not anymore, just create a macro and fire it off when you need it. Use our no-code builder to set it up.

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Bring all your products

All your brands

With Doerchat, you can effortlessly support all your products using a single account.

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Bring order to chaos

Labels and groups

When your product takes off there may be a spike in support request. We make it easy to build a working structure that makes it a breeze.

Screenshot of labelsScreenshot of labels

Expand the profile

Custom profile data

Doerchat lets you expand the customer profiles as much as you want using any string data.

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Never break a promise

Effortless ticketing

Experience seamless ticket management within Doerchat. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to efficient support.

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Bring your customer data

Customer cards

With cards, you can seamlessly integrate your own information into our system.

Screenshot of cardsScreenshot of cards

Grow without limits

Unlimited teams members

Expand your team without worrying about increasing costs.

screenshot of team membersscreenshot of team members

Save time

AI-Powered email assessment

Allow your AI assistant to scan and evaluate all incoming support emails, summarizing and assessing their urgency and sentiment.

Screenshot of AIScreenshot of AI

Markdown based

Knowledge base built in

Our Knowledge Base, driven by Markdown, offers true flexibility when creating and sharing knowledge with your customers.

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Parse and send emails

Full email integration

Easily send and receive emails directly into your Doerchat account. Your customers doesn't have to leave their inbox.

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Add to all your websites

Unlimited chatboxes

Got many projects going on? No problem, create a chatbox for each one and manage responses in the same inbox.

screenshot of chatboxesscreenshot of chatboxes

Never lift a finger

Keyboard navigation

The Doerchat UI is built for working fast and for using the keyboard to move around.

screenshot of keyboardscreenshot of keyboard
Profile picture of customer

" I've been using Doerchat for a few months now, and it's honestly made my work life a lot easier. The chat is super simple to use, and I can keep up with emails more efficiently than before. Our customers have noticed too – they're getting quicker responses, and I've had quite a few thank me for the speedy follow-ups. It's been a great help "

- Victor Krusenstråhle, founder of Linkbase

Bring data from your own system into Doerchat

Stop switching back and forth to collect data about your customers while providing support. Bring all relevant data into your customer profiles and conversations instead.

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Use our SDK
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Everything you need to deliver awesome support

Doerchat's goal is to give you all the key features you need to support your product in one centralized place and making it super affordable and accessible to entrepreneurs everywhere.

All included

Handle all your brands from a single account

Manage support for a single brand can be hard, managing support for multiple brands even harder. We know this and we felt the pain, that's why we made multi-brand management a first class citizen in Doerchat.

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Bring the full power of Doerchat with you on-the-go

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Everything you need

What's included?

Easy integration using our SDK Connect your own system to your Doerchat account.
Markdown based knowledge base Creating guides and providing self help has never been easier.
Real-time chat Serve your customers when they need you.
Bring all your brands Easily manage all your brands from a single account.
Bring your own data Easily inject your own context data into Doerchat.
Access permissions Manage your teams access in detail with granular roles.
Get notified with webhooks Get instant notifications on Doerchat events through webhooks.
Customer and thread labels Easily organize your customers and threads.
Contact management Full service contact management.
Unlimited team members Add as many team members as you want.
Unlimited customers You are free to interact with as many customers as you want.
Unlimited chat history Never again run out of conversation history with a customer.
Unlimited chatboxes Create and use unlimited amount of chatboxes.
Full brand customization Make Doerchat truly yours.
Canned messages Efficient, consistent and quick responses.
Built-in reminders Never miss a follow-up again.
Notes system Stay informed on user history.
Email support integration Send and receive email from your own mail account.
Transparent pricing One single monthly cost, thats it.

Fair and simple pricing. One plan, all included.

With Doerchat there is only one plan and it includes your whole team and every feature we ever released (and will ever release). We are here to support entrepreneurs that rather build.


Per account and month

Say goodbye to being forced into the biggest plan just for a decent support experience.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Doerchat is a comprehensive chat support tool designed specifically for indie hackers and SaaS products. It offers a wide range of features, including chat support, a knowledge base, contact management, and more, all bundled into a single solution. With Doerchat, you can provide a complete and efficient customer support experience for your business.

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